Hit the Disco Ball out of the Park

The Village People have made it so that we can't go to our local purveyor of free fitness and (we hope) judgment-free locker-room sex without humming the legendary tune. Hell, we can't even call a guy "macho" without repeating the word and tacking an elongated "maaaaaan" onto the end. So there, we said it — the Village People’s catchy ditties have ruined at least two everyday things. On Saturday, catch a performance by the group that sparked a million Indian chief costumes, and see a purty awesome game of baseball while you're at it. This edition of the Marlins' Super Saturday concert series at LandShark Stadium will have you spelling out acronyms with your arms and cheering on the Chicago Cubs, er, Florida Marlins. The last time the Windy City boys hit the 3-0-5, the Marlins went 0 for 3, so maybe a little trip to the YMCA will be good for the Fish.
Sat., Aug. 1, 7:10 p.m., 2009


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