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History’s New Beat

Remember your high school world history teacher? He was the white man with an appearance reminiscent of a Muppet, only without charm or wires. A man so uninteresting that if he jumped out the window during class, none of the students would notice. Try to banish those memories. History has a new face, and it moves in ways you would never wish to see your teacher attempt. The ninth annual IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance and Music Festival proves that history can be as alluring as Gloria Estefan’s gyrations. Hosted by Neri Torres, famed choreographer to both Estefan and Andy Garcia, the festival boasts an irresistible beat that might even provoke you to dance. All the while, you will realize you are learning about the irrepressible spirit and culture of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves. And you didn’t even think about jumping out the window.

Score one for history this Friday through Sunday at the Arts and Minds Center. For more information, call 305-476-0832.
Fri., July 18, 2008


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