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The Miami Marlins? Too corporate. The Miami Dolphins? Too thuggish. El Heat? The early championships were pretty cool, but now the team has, like, totally sold out. No, the only South Florida sports team for the devoted, popularity-averse hipster sports fan is the Miami Inferno, the Magic City franchise of the Ultimate Indoor Football League (UIFL). Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of them. But these guys are basically the promising-garage-band version of Miami’s better-known sports. And they’ll strap on their helmets for their home opener at BankUnited Center (1245 Dauer Dr, Coral Gables) this Sunday. You might show up for all the excitement of indoor football: the tackling, the touchdowns, the tight pants. But you’ll stay so you can say you were into the Inferno before it got big.
Sun., May 25, 5:05 p.m., 2014


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