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Hey There, Kitty

When you think Hello Kitty, the mental montage probably goes something like this: Hallmark, eight-year-old girls, and a white cat with no mouth and exactly six whiskers. Notice that nowhere in that sequence are the words art or basel. Well, all of that is about to change when Sanrio celebrates its 50th Anniversary at Art Basel with an pop-up shop called Small Gift Miami. It's housed in an 8,000-square foot custom space in Wynwood so it'll be tough to miss. The exhibit, curated by Roger Gastman (a producer on Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop) and Zio Fulcher, will feature art inspired by the Japan's Tourism Ambassador (yes, seriously). Artists such as Shepard Fairey were asked to create work inspired by their favorite Sanrio character. There'll also be a 35-foot visual timeline of the history of the cutesy brand.
Dec. 2-5, 2010


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