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Hewwo, Baba Wawa

On Tuesday, Barbara Walters is coming to Temple Judea for a book signing of her newly released memoir, Audition. And what a memoir it must be: She tells the tales of her amazing life of interviewing some of the world's most compelling celebrities, murderers, and political leaders while balancing it all with mundane details such as getting married a few times and raising a daughter. A Q&A session will follow, where some of the Qs will undoubtedly be about her recently admitted affair with a (gasp!) black senator in the Seventies. Scandal!

Tickets are available only with the purchase of the book from any Books & Books location. And that's just the beginning of the evening's rules. From the press release: “Ms. Walters will sign unlimited copies of Audition. Photographs are allowed but will be taken by a designated Books & Books photographer while Ms. Walters is signing books. No video cameras will be allowed. She will not be able to sign memorabilia.” Dang, we were going to bring a pair of Barack Obama's underpants and have her inscribe, “Babs was here,” but apparently she does that kind of thing only in the heat of the moment. The signing begins at 7:30 p.m. Call 305-442-4408, or visit for more details.
Tue., May 20, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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