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He’s Gay!

Singer Lance Bass, drool-inducer to millions of girls: fag. Actor and announcer George Takei: queer as a three-dollar bill. Mother and brilliant musician Melissa Etheridge: well, you get the idea. Some might say it takes all kinds; others, not so much. What a gruesomely fucked up nation we exist in, a place where the government finds the time and resources to try to ban gay marriage. What's next on the hit list, the rampant scourge of flag-burning? Okay. Then bring your own thoughts, notions, ideas, and rants to the Miami-Dade Green Party's Gay and Lesbian Issues Forum and Artistic Showcase. Join various speakers and others in the demonstration of why the Green Party makes Democrats and Republicans look like Nazis and Communists. Admission is five dollars for the 4:00 p.m. gathering, and there will be art and entertainment, including Deep Water Willy and Inner Voice. The place is the always-wonderful Wallflower Gallery. Call 305-579-0069, or visit and
Sat., Aug. 26


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