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He's Everything

Fred Everything (born Frédéric Blais in Quebec) got his moniker back in the rave days, when he was known as DJ Everything, because he'd spin everything from house and techno to drum 'n' bass. With a prolific career dating back to 1993, when he first opened for Sasha at Montreal's club Metropolis, he has gained massive international following as Canada's foremost house DJ and producer.

Fred has since toured all over the planet, performing at renowned venues from London and Ibiza to São Paulo, Moscow and Hawaii. His highly-acclaimed production work has been released on top international house labels including 20:20 Vision, Om, Defected, Feerange, and Bombay, the latter which released a collection of his best remixes titled "From The Deep" in 2002. The consensus seems to be this dude is as good as it gets in the world of deep house.

Fred Everything will be throwing down a much anticipated DJ set at Electric Pickle this Friday night, along with resident deep house specialists Will Renuart and Strickly B, plus Tomas and special guest Hayden Hofford.
Fri., June 26, 2009


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