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Here’s Your Holiday Spirit

Maybe yesterday was all about screaming kiddies, annoying relatives who overstayed their Christmas dinner receptions, and mountains of torn-up wrapping paper. Maybe it wasn’t, but the whole materialistic aspect of the season is getting to you. Either way, one thing’s certain — you could really use a stiff drink about now. Or two, or three. You’re in luck, Ebenezer. Tonight is shot night at The Bar, so you should soon be able to forget the resounding giggles of that damn Tickle Me Elmo.

Saddle up a stool starting at 7 p.m. and you can score $2 Cuervo and Jagermeister shots, and for those of you with weak constitutions, the bartenders will concoct a variety of potent libations. Two bucks could get you a raspberry kamikaze or a lemon drop. We love leaving things up to the bartender’s creativity; you get so much drunker that way!
Wed., Dec. 26, 2007


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