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Here’s the Pitch

Florida Marlins season tickets should come with a prescription. Being a Marlins fan will drive you crazy — the team is built up, wins, is deconstructed, and loses. Wild swings are the only constant for this franchise. Sadly this appears to be another down year, considering the limited amount of money the team has spent. GM Larry Beinfest has used what meager resources he has been able to muster to concentrate on pitching — he insists the mound is the center of the Major League universe. Dontrelle Willis remains strong and is clearly the star of this formative team. Veteran Brian Moehler and second year left hander Jason Vargas should also make the starting rotation. Beyond that, the roster is mostly rookies, which can provide fun — their performances are new to fans — but maybe not so many wins. To get an idea of what sort of Marlins team to expect this season, note that late in spring training, manager Joe Girardi was still trying to select a starter from among three catchers. And two shortstops. Whomever the Marlins field, a day at the ballpark still beats a day doing many other things, and strong fan support for this outfit could be enough to shock them into being competitive. The home opener takes place at 4:05 this afternoon against the San Diego Padres and is the first of six consecutive home games without a day off. Tickets range from $6 to $90. Call 1-877-MARLINS, or visit
Tue., April 11


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