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Here Comes the Headache

The minute your Prince Charming slid that ring onto your finger, you morphed from princess to bridezilla. We don’t blame you -- it’s a big day. The calls to friends complaining about the size of the rock and the demand for a veil made entirely of Swarovski crystals are understandable. Now your next requirement should be for your man to cough up $75 and send you off to the Wedding Salon. There you’ll find all the notable names in weddings, under one roof, and meet the vendors who will make your dream wedding come true.

“We produce the show to look and feel like a million-dollar wedding that features all the up-and-coming trends,” says Tatiana Byron, founder of the Wedding Salon. “It’s one-stop shopping for the discerning bride to see everything she needs and wants.” The Salon is open today from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Biltmore Hotel. For more information and a special New Times promotional price on tickets, call 212-631-7777, or visit
Mon., Nov. 12, 2007


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