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Heaven Is in Homestead

Close your eyes and imagine what Dinner in Paradise might taste like. The feast would likely include the freshest vegetables, the most succulent meats, and a heaping helping of manna for dessert. There won’t be any miraculous flakes from the sky served tonight at Paradise Farms, but host Michael Schwartz will ensure that the sumptuous charity-driven meal will feature a bounty of heavenly homegrown delights. “The whole concept can be summarized like this: local, local, local! Chefs are encouraged to make use of our own Florida produce,” he says. Tonight’s multicourse meal will be prepared by three of Miami’s top kitchen artists: Azul’s Clay Conley, Casa Tua’s Sergio Sigala, and The Standard’s Mark Zeitouni. “There isn’t much we can do to improve on the setting. The farm is just gorgeous. All we do is set up tables with nice china and stemware, and our florist creates unique centerpieces from the farm’s flowers. It’s all very simple and elegant,” says Schwartz. Tonight’s experience begins at 5:00 p.m. with cocktails and a tour of the farm. Dinner begins at 6:00 p.m. Proceeds will benefit Earth Learning, a charity that supports education and sustainability in the Everglades. Reservations are required.
Sun., Feb. 11, 5 p.m.


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