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Heating Up (Finally)

The Miami Heat is doing everything it can to make the 2013-14 season interesting. After three years of media scrutiny, vocal naysayers, and the formation of some hard-core Eastern Conference rivalries, all the possible side stories have been explored and regurgitated so many times that not even Skip Bayless is making idiotic statements this season. So what do the two-time defending NBA champions do? They come out and lose to a series of crappy teams, thus allowing the dumb commentary back into the conversation. Despite some bad losses, Dwyane Wade is finally looking healthy, and LeBron James is back to being LeBron James. Past season injuries and off-season marriage aside, the team is still getting its act together, and in basketball there is no better cure for losing habits than easy wins over some subpar opponents. The Phoenix Suns are so bad this year they’ll surely be one of the many candidates who’ll be accused of tanking on purpose to get a top pick in this year’s loaded draft. At least there will be plenty of LeBron alley-oop highlights.
Mon., Nov. 25, 7:30 p.m., 2013


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