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Hearing Voices

Legend has it that Mel Blanc, the “man of a thousand voices” and basically the voice of every Looney Tunes character, wound up in a deep coma after a car crash in the ’60s. Blanc was unresponsive to any stimulus until his son asked him: “Bugs, Bugs Bunny? Are you there?” Mel, as Bugs, then promptly responded, “What’s up, Doc?” The best impressionist and voice actors become overtaken by each character that lives inside them. Pablo Francisco is one of these rare vocal talents. It’s obvious from the minute he takes the stage that it’s not one man in the spotlight, but any number of characters, with sound effects, facial expressions, and who knows what else emerging from the mind of a lone comedian. And it all spews out in a storm of interaction. Imagine a guy with multiple personality disorder whose personalities are all massive attention whores.
April 18-21, 2013


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