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As the founder and executive director of the Women’s International Film Festival, there have been moments when Yvonne McCormack-Lyons has questioned her sanity. Putting together a four-day film festival that features over 170 films from seventeen countries must boggle the mind at times. But thanks to her blood, sweat, and tears, Miamians can enjoy a bonanza of screenings from the Miami Beach Cinematheque to the Colony Theater, including feature-length and short films, and documentaries. The unifying factor is the celebration of all things female. “I think the images of women out there are sometimes questionable. When I started doing more research, I realized that we only represent five to seven percent of filmmakers. What’s great about the festival is, we received so many films and they address so many issues,” gushes McCormack-Lyons.

Besides the screenings, fabulous female film stars Ruby Dee and Babel’s Oscar nominee Adriana Barraza will host question and answer sessions. The opening night screening is As Old as My Tongue. The documentary tells the story of Bi Kidude, a singer, poet, drummer, and activist from Zanzibar. “We just thought she’s a really good example of the independent woman, and a good representation of what WIFF is all about. She smokes, she drinks, she flirts… this is not how society thinks an 80-year-old woman is supposed to act!” McCormack-Lyons laughs. Catch the U.S. debut of this amazing film tonight. visit for a complete schedule of events.
Thu., March 29, 7 p.m.


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