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Hawking Heirlooms

Sure, you could continue to toil away at your day job, bank $8 an hour, and save up for a life of leisure when you’re too curmudgeonly to enjoy it. Or you could yank out all the crazy ephemera you have stashed in your closet since Aunt Dotty passed and try your luck at the Antiques Roadshow, which will stop at the Miami Beach Convention Center this Saturday. If you’re feeling shameful about the caliber of your antiques, consider the following items that have been Roadshow jackpots: A 1920s perfume bottle was estimated at $25,000. A collection of jewelry made from human hair was worth $6,000. A Hot Wheels car collection made the owner $4,000 richer, and a set of Victorian surgical instruments was appraised at $2,500. If you have such lucrative treasures, we hope you applied for tickets early. To contend with high demand (Antiques Roadshow hasn’t come to Miami since 2002), last month’s random ticket drawing was the only way to get free tickets.
Sat., July 10, 8 a.m., 2010


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