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Have a Cow, Man

What kind of car does a cow drive? A cattle-ac. And where do cows go on dates? To the moo-vies. Yeah, our attempt at bovine humor is udder-ly ridiculous, but the Laughing Gas Improv promises its milkshakes are better than ours. The farm of funny folks will be kissing major dairy-air as they don moo-moos and dedicate performances to the celebration of National Dairy Month. This weekend, director Gerald Owens, Todd Rice, and the rest of the cast will be milking our leaders for lactose laughs in their “Double Government Cheese” political satire show. If you want to do your body good and get your recommended daily allowance of guffaws, round up the herd and head to the Main Street Playhouse tonight and Saturday at 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. Admission is just ten bucks, and there is never an age restriction or drink minimum. Call 305-461-1161, or visit
Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: June 2. Continues through June 30


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