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Valentine’s Day, with its unabashed sappiness, candy, and commercialized cheer, would seem to be exactly everything the typical Smiths and Morrissey fan stands against. Aren’t followers of the famously dour Morrissey supposed to be bookish, wan, forever-alone types who scoff at the possibility of love? (This is a guy who wrote a song called “Unhappy Birthday,” after all.) Still, even the most casual fan recognizes a serious romantic streak throughout all of the Smiths’ and even later Morrissey’s solo work. The narrator of the many sad or bittersweet songs might not find the perfect platonic love, but he’s always regretting its absence. Misery loves company too, so whether you’re paired or single, if you’re a devotee of the gloomy Mancunian, Churchill’s is a worthwhile stop V-Day night. The rickety, sort-of-English pub provides a perfect setting for a Smiths and Morrissey tribute night. The headliners will be the Ordinary Boys, a year-old Smiths tribute act from Miami featuring players from various other local acts. They promise all the big, sing-along hits, from “This Charming Man” to “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out,” the ultimate hopeless-romantic ode to happily dying in a bus crash alongside one’s beloved. DJ Dracula’s Daughter provides extra tunes to mope to between sets. Admission is free, and as usual, drinks are cheap for those looking to drown their sorrows.
Tue., Feb. 14, 8 p.m., 2012


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