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Ha’s to Go with Your Ho’s

Year after year, you get your holiday giggles from your cousin Chip, who always returns from his “breath of fresh air” smelling like a different kind of pine tree, and from Auntie Josephine, who is never without her glass of special eggnog. But this year, get your Christmas chuckles from the Laughing Gas Comedy Improv Theatre Company when it presents its third annual "Twas the night before the night before the night before Christmas" holiday show.

"We thought about how we could have a troupe Christmas party and invite our audiences to join us," said Gerald Owens, director of Laughing Gas. "There's no party like an improv party, and we hope that our audiences will come out and enjoy." Curtain call is tonight at 8:00 at the Main Street Playhouse, and admission is ten dollars. As usual, there’s no age limit or drink minimum, so you can bring Auntie Josephine and Cousin Chip! Call 305-461-1161, or visit
Fri., Dec. 22


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