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Happy Birthday, Regis!

The guy might be bonkos, but we cannot begin our day without a cup of strong coffee and a big helping of Regis Philbin. The longtime talk-show host, who even appeared as himself on an episode of Seinfeld in which he continually called Kramer “bonkos,” turns 75 today. In celebration of Regis Francis Xavier Philbin’s special day, the Laughing Gas Improv presents Who Wants to Be Regis Philbin? Featuring a talk show, a game show, and an extra dose of celebrity impersonations, the improv troupe’s event promises to deliver a night of family-friendly chuckles. “Regis seems to be able to do everything, and all at the same time,” says cast member Todd Rice. Try to keep up with Reege tonight at 11:00 at the Main Street Playhouse, 6766 Main St., Miami Lakes. Tickets cost ten dollars, and there is no drink minimum or age requirement. (Anyone named Kathy Lee will pay double.) Call 305-461-1161, or visit
Fri., Aug. 25


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