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Two thousand six has begun as a rainbow striped banner year for gay films. At the recent Golden Globes ceremony, Brokeback Mountain scored an incredible four awards, placing Ang Lee’s poignant cowboy love story in prime position for Oscar night. That’s great for the fellas, but what about ladies who love ladies? For a flick with a sweetly Sapphic twist, check out Imagine Me and You. This British romantic comedy tackles timely issues with irrepressible charm. At her traditional wedding to long time boyfriend Heck, Rachel locks eyes with the spunky florist, Luce. In a hilarious attempt at failed matchmaking, Rachel and Heck conspire to set up the best man with their new flower arranging friend, who unabashedly reveals her true orientation -- and her blossoming affection for Rachel. Watch true love unfold on the big screen tonight at 7:30 at Regal Cinemas South Beach. Score yourself a free ticket by calling 305-531-2117.
Tue., Jan. 31


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