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New York-based artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos has lived her life surrounded by unique cultures--born in Greece, raised in Paris--and now she aims to bring her one-of-a-kind vision to Miami's own little center of culture, Art Basel. With "Palm Authority," Kosmatopoulos is raising funds to create five towering sculptures of hands in Bayfront Park, complete with an audiotape of a man discussing the art of palm reading. The artist says, "This installation plays with contrasts that I feel create very strong emotions to the viewer and raise interrogations. On the one side, there is oversized hand with a kind of threatening gesture (fingers a little folded) that tells him/her who he/she is, but this clashes with the "cartoonish" aspect of the inflatable, the white color and the voice of the kid."
Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2011


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