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Haitian Art with a Heart

The beguiling beauty, grace, and vitality of Haitian art is on display at Open Doors, where a portion of the proceeds from exhibit sales will benefit the At Risk Children Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the life of Haiti’s orphaned children. Curated by Trisha Brookbank, “Imaginary Land, Real World: Haiti”features 42 works by 19 artists and showcases a broad range of wildly diverse creative styles portraying the energy and color of the Haitian diaspora.

“Depictions of the country, traditions, and people are painted with a sense of optimism and affection in this collection,” Brookbank says. A sense of warmth is immediately apparent: Kens Cassagnol’s lush, otherworldly mango tree is rendered in vibrant gold and tangerine hues, and Sophia Lacroix captures the nation’s soul with a hyperrealistic painting of a woman cooking fritters at a sun-dappled roadside fruit stand. Don’t miss the last chance to catch this remarkably evocative show closing Monday at Open Doors.
Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2008


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