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Haiti Returns

The dance troupe Ayikodans is tied to the very essence of its Haitian roots — its every step and drum beat resonate with the history and culture of the Caribbean nation. But since the devastating earthquake of 2010, Ayikodans has also been intricately connected to Miami as well. A massive fundraising effort spearheaded by the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts helped save and resurrect the company, including the rebuilding of its studio in Port-au-Prince. Ever since, Ayikodans has sold out its shows when returning to perform in what should be considered its second home. This week, they’re back again. Under the guidance of the inspired Jeanguy Saintus, the dance troupe fluidly mixes traditional movement and sound with contemporary influences. Some would say the dynamic, contemporary Haitian aesthetic is in fact a perpetual state, as the people of Haiti continually rebound from crisis to crisis and keep moving forward, rolling the past into the future as a means of survival. It’s an aesthetic that is rich, spiritual, and compelling to the rest of the world when shown off the way Ayikodans does.
Dec. 20-22, 2013


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