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Grumpy Cat Is Not Invited

When was the last time you opened your third eye while getting down to some groovy sounds and enjoying local cuisine? Chances are, not lately. So why not take advantage of the wondrous collection of stimuli and good times that the third Cashmere Kitties Music Festival has to offer? Organizers bill the fest as a “mind-expanding, consciousness-warping” experience, complete with a full lineup of bands and DJs that “will break sonic boundaries.” But don’t get too freaked out — it’s not just for hippie-dippies and beat-freaks. Cashmere Kitties is an all-ages event, and families are encouraged to enjoy the positive vibes. If you get a bit hungry on your spiritual, sonic journey, plenty of vendors and some good old-fashioned barbecue will be onsite to fuel your fierce dance moves. Biking is highly encouraged, and secured bike racks will be provided.
Sat., Oct. 26, 12-8 p.m., 2013


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