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Graffers Gone Loco

Compared to Miami’s residents, Art Basel tourists have a limited view of the artwork on display in Miami. Sure, they can wander from gallery to fair to see artists’ finished products. But only locals get the “What in hell are they doing in there?” experience of tracking the festival’s large-scale public installations as they’re constructed around the city. Case in point: “Graffiti Gone Global.” Anyone who doesn’t live here will walk in and take immediate notice of Labrys Frisae, the enormous centerpiece of the exhibit, which measures 30 feet on each side and writhes 16 feet into the air. But anyone who frequents midtown’s restaurants and shops has been checking up on the thing for weeks — namely every time they stroll past the Rotunda Space (3252 NE First Ave., Suite 101, Miami) on their way to happy hour. It’ll be difficult to see them around Fornes’s enormous sculpture, but works by architectural designer Volkan Alkanoglu and curator Billi Kid, who brought the graffiti-inspired “Art of Basketball” exhibit to Basel last year, will also be on display.
Dec. 2-4, 11 a.m., 2011


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