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Graduation’s a Twirl Away

The Miami City Ballet is not only one of the top ballet companies in the US — it’s also a school for the best and brightest of South Florida’s up-and-coming dancers. And this weekend the kids are putting on a student showcase of their own. It’s like a ballet high school prom! Except at this prom, the boys will actually dance instead of stand against the wall with their buddies.

The kids will perform segments of major works, including George Balanchine’s ballet Divertimento No. 15 — if you were a student of ballet, you’d know that is a really big deal. Tickets for tonight’s performance and afterparty cost $200; the afterparty, called “A Tropical Night Under The Stars,” will include a silent auction, dinner sponsored by Outback Steakhouse, live music, and dancing. We recommend you not stand in front of the ballet dancers while you eat those Outback bloomin’ onions; you’ll just feel really bad about your body.
Sat., May 5, 7 p.m.


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