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Goys and Gringos Need Not Apply

Take a peek at the Passover dinners of many Jewish Miamians and you’ll likely find guava paste and cream cheese on matzo among the traditional offerings. Sure, the gefilte fish is there, but it could be sprinkled with a little Goya Sazón, and the charoset is marinated in sangria instead of Manischewitz. Local Latin and Jewish cultures have been melding over the decades, but the connection goes back much further.

This Sunday’s Al Andalus Caravana performance at Temple Emanu-El will celebrate the Jewish and Moorish roots of flamenco dance. The lineup includes musician Joe Zeytoonian and dancer Myriam Eli, who have worked with Shakira, as well as husband-and-wife team Paco and Celia Fonta.
Sun., March 21, 2010


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