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Gourmet Beaucoup

A month of fixed-price French dining? Um... oui oui! Kicking off Thursday and lasting throughout the month of November, participating French restaurants all over Miami will be offering gourmet dining experiences at fixed (read: cheaper than usual) prices. OK, so your waiter still has a Cuban accent – just use your imagination, folks. For the third annual edition of French Spice, each participating restaurant will design and offer a “prix fixe” menu, including two- and three-course lunches at $15 or $25; three- and five-course dinners at $35 or $50; and a French wine list starting at $20 a bottle and $6 a glass. Restaurants getting in on the French food frenzy this year include La Palme d’Or, Baoli Miami, Atrio, La Gloutonnerie, and many more.
Nov. 1-30, 2012


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