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Gone Fishin'

With mad skillz

SAT 8/20

For you anglers who've been glancing at your rods, yearning to get to the Everglades and cast a fly, but don't relish returning to your car's A/C after bathing in sweat, get prepped for milder weather at the Back Country Fishing from Canoes and Kayaks Workshop. Held in a cool room, the class is taught by Roger Hammer, who has written three books about the River of Grass. Learn about knots and tackle today from 9:00 to noon at Castellow Hammock Preserve and Nature Center, 22301 SW 162nd Ave., Homestead. Registration is $15. Call 305-242-7688. -- Ryan Sprechman

Swing Your Partner

And slap them down

NOW 24/7

For many, capoeira, the gravity-defying martial art developed by Brazilian slaves nearly 500 years ago, is more than just learning how to thrash opponents like a reaper through a wheat field. "Some people take a class and end up embracing it as a lifestyle," explains Gabriela de Faria of Grupo de Capoeira Abolicão. "It teaches respect and discipline while promoting intense physical conditioning. I've lost 80 pounds since joining five years ago."

With unparalleled flair and strong musical traditions, often featuring frenetic rhythms driving the acrobatic leaps and kicks of participants who square off in cunning displays of subterfuge and supremacy, "the Dance of Death" is spreading in popularity. "We have entire families training here and always offer our first class free so people understand this is not a dance, but full-contact self-defense," de Faria adds. Classes run Monday through Friday, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at 6626 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Call 305-866-5900. --Carlos Suarez de Jesus

Tennis for Everyone

SAT 8/20

Do you like hitting aces? For those of you who think that means smacking the high card during a poker game, you obviously need to spend quality time watching Maria Sharapova. Many Americans believe tennis to be as worthy of their attention as soccer and, as a result, aficionados believe something must be done to create new interest in the sport. Today Miami-Dade Parks and the USA Tennis Association will be kicking off new tennis programs in several Kendall area parks by holding a Community Tennis Day for prospective players of all ages and levels. There will be prizes, a bounce house, and the requisite chance to "Beat the Pro." Participants will also have the opportunity to see if they can serve as hard as Roger Federer. Have a racket from 9:00 to noon at Kendale Lakes Park, 7850 SW 142nd Ave., Kendall. Call 305-385-4750. -- Ilona Solomon


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