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Going and Going and Going

Harry Lynch’s new docudrama, Switch, will teach us a thing or two about energy conservation, and not the kind we wish we had left over for CrossFit at the end of a long workday. This filmmaker is more interested in preserving the energy that actually makes our modern world go ’round. Energy powers just about everything society today depends upon: transportation, workspaces, homes, and communication. It allows for mechanized agriculture, modern medicine, credit cards, and electronic banking on a global scale. For those reasons, energy is the most pervasive commodity, but more often than not, we take it for granted. In Switch, Dr. Scott Tinker explores the world’s leading energy sites — producing power from sources such as coal, the sun, oil, and biofuel — many of which are highly restricted and never before seen on film. Shot in 11 countries at 27 world-leading energy sites, and using 53 expert interviews, the film gets straight answers from the people driving energy today.
Mon., Aug. 27, 8 p.m., 2012


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