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Go With the Flow

Art Basel is stress-inducing. From the parking to the prices to the pretentious collectors, it’s enough to induce palpitations. And while boozing it up or procuring some less-than-legal remedy is most people’s go-to method of dealing with the tension, YogArt is offering a healthier way to chill the hell out. Essentially, it’s yoga with a twist. The evening event allows attendees to bend, fold, and stretch the tension away in a vinyasa flow class, set to the tunes of DJ Drez & the Mayapuris. And no need to drag your bulky yoga mat around all evening — Lululemon Athletica has it covered. Once the savasana ship has sailed, the chilled-out crowd can partake of cocktails and light bites by GinnyBakes, Veev, Evian, and JugoFresh. Such a scenario is so much better for your soul than battling with a billionaire for a so-called avant-garde sculpture composed of a toilet full of Jell-O pudding, don’t ya think? The om-fest kicks off Friday at 5:30 p.m. at Wynwood Walls (167 NW 25th St., Miami). Tickets cost $30 and include the post-workout nosh session. Visit
Dec. 7-9, 2012


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