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Go [Vegan Fish Substitute]!

It is very hard to play Jenga during Critical Mass. Fortunately, the progressively sexy biking and social justice enthusiasts at Emerge Miami are leaving the spandex at home for the night and opting for a fun evening in with Board Game Night at Sweat Records (5505 NE Second Ave., Miami). Emerge’s goal with the monthly board-game night is to bring together Miami’s most progressive residents of all interests for a night of sweet times and networking. It’s a great place to meet good and interesting people. If you are not a good or interesting person, you can always peek through one of the empty holes in your Connect Four board and write down the things you hear the actually good and interesting people say and then repeat them to unsuspecting people at the club. Tips: Chomsky is not a craft beer, Rand Paul is the guy you don’t like, but Adrian Paul is the dude from that awesome Highlander TV show and should totally be president until someone takes his head.
Tue., May 21, 8-11 p.m., 2013


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