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Go to the Gridiron

Being a Miami football fan these days is akin to being a prisoner of war. The experience just keeps getting worse, with no end in sight. As the anxiety sinks into desperation, you want to do something, anything, to better the situation, but you’re trapped and your captors are out of reach. You’re too old to try out for the Canes. Conventional wisdom says you’re too small to play for the Dolphins, but that’s up for debate as the Fins flail toward an 0-16 finish. This weekend you’ll have two chances to “escape.” The Miami Dolphins take on the hated New York Jets at 1 p.m. at Dolphin Stadium. The stadium will no doubt be full of obnoxious New Yorkers, and it’s your patriotic duty to represent our banana republic and stave off the occupation. For game tickets, including a $99 holiday two-pack, call 1-888-FINS-TIX or visit

If you want to take out your aggression on the field, sign your team up for Let It Fly, the four-on-four flag football tournament sweeping the nation. Check it out today at Tamiami Park (11201 SW 24th St.). With divisions ranging from “coed” to “couch potato,” you’re sure to find a skill level that fits your squad. Team registration fees range from $125 to $200. Call 303-948-7108, or visit
Sun., Dec. 2, 2007


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