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Go, Sweat! It's Your Birthday!

Three years ago, Sweat Records was struggling, trying to anchor a fledgling business district that never fully took flight. Then Hurricane Wilma blew through in October and washed those dreams away. What’s an up-and-coming indie record store to do? Proprietor Lauren “Lolo” Reskin found a new home at rock and roll homestead Churchill’s. Then the shop spread its wings with a spankin’-new location that brings joy to record store junkies and live music fiends alike. Lolo and co-owner Jsin have much to celebrate. It’s Sweat’s three-year anniversary, and today is Record Store Day! The hipsters say, “Huzzah!”

“Most small businesses don’t make it this far. I love our new location — things are gelling, and we’re getting really well known for our events. The big stores all came and went, and we’re still here!” says Lolo. The little indie record store that could has events lined up through the summer: Its science and book club events are engaging and welcoming, plus the intimate live performances are getting big buzz around town. To celebrate, the reclusive Nil Lara will perform in-store today, while live music thumps next door at Churchill’s. In honor of the globally observed Record Store Day, there’ll be tons of fresh freebies, including Björk’s 3-D glasses, a “big-ass cake,” and 50 limited-edition Sweat Records tees for purchase.
Sat., April 19, 2008


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