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Go Miami, It’s Your Birthday!

Contrary to popular belief, the city of Miami wasn’t founded 15 years ago by Gotham developers. It was incorporated July 28, 1896, by pioneers fed up with “public nudity and their neighbors crapping on the streets,” explains avant choreographer Octavio Campos, organizer of a bawdy birthday bacchanal for the Big Orange. The lunacy erupts tonight at 9:00 during One-One-One: Imagine Miami Reborn (at the José Martí Building), featuring a hive of Miami’s edgiest talent in an irreverent revisionist review of our metropolis’s twisted history.

The torrid blowout will include sendups of Julia Tuttle and Anita Bryant, as well as a re-enactment of the incorporation vote on a site a cow chip’s toss from where Miami was born. An “Orange Juice Fairy” will dispense shots, Tortas y Tacones will shake ass on Calle Ocho, and Jesse Jackson, Circ X, Pedro Portal, Natasha Tsakos, La Fortuna, Diana Lozano, NF Romero, Jack Pakonis, Jennifer Smith-DeCastroverde, DJ Safe Stadick, Claudio Marcotulli, and dance theater company Camposition will add to the merry mayhem. Tickets to the bash cost $10.
Sat., July 28, 9 p.m.


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