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Go Get Your Nails Done

Lately the beauty business has been catching quite a bit of flak from critics who say that racism, ageism, and -- gasp! -- false eyelashes in mascara commercials have all put blemishes on the industry’s reputation. But the girls at Pretty City are doing their part to put the b back in beauty. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they’re offering hard-working guys and gals across the nation major discounts on spa services during the Pretty in Pink spa month.

Every day until October 31, you can get organic facials, customized massages, hairstyling, and nail care services for $31 each. And when you walk out of the Olazabal Hair and Skin Salon (520 Biltmore Way, Coral Gables; 305-445-9691) feeling like a million bucks, you’ll feel twice as good knowing you’re helping to raise funds and awareness for the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. Visit for a complete list of participating spas and salons. Don’t forget to mention you’d like a “Pretty in Pink” treatment when you book appointments.
Oct. 22-31, 2007


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