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Go Gatsby at Club 50

Picture yourself 50 stories above the universe in a low-slung semiprivate lounge at the highest outdoor pool in the city. Club 50 at the Viceroy is taking you Off the Radar and into a new stratosphere of ostentatious displays of wealth. What is a "semiprivate" lounge? Event curator Gordon Myers from Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts says, "The club's technically for residents and hotel guests, but you can most likely slide in by eating at the 15th-floor restaurant, then getting the maitre d' to put you on the special elevator; or apply for [free] membership."

Once you get there, your life's soundtrack comes courtesy of DJ Ray Milian and Heather Holiday and their eclectic house tracks and indie remixes. Asked toward whom the event is targeted, Myers says, "We encourage all types of people to come to the party. Yes, it is a party. Bottle service is available with table reservations. If you enjoy club music but dislike the atmosphere of most clubs, Club 50 has the elegance and sophistication for you." You're more likely to find us in the parking lot drinking a tall can, but for those who want to Gatsby it up, head to 485 Brickell Ave. Entrance is free, but space is limited. RSVP to, or visit
Fridays, 2009


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