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Go Ahead, Punk, Make My Movie

Okay, here's the movie pitch: Take one part fetish vixen, Rubberdoll, and one part 600-plus-pound professional wrestler, Maximum Capacity. Top with a floater of creepy ghetto-bass purveyor Otto Von Schirach; add a splash of Miami promoter Notorious Nastie; garnish with the TM Sisters, Ted Vernon, and Sweat Records; then serve ice-cold all across the Design District, and what do you get? It's local filmmaker Aiden Dillard's magnum opus, Death Print! And a preview screening is headed to Sweat Records this Wednesday at 9 p.m. The ridiculously camp film is essentially a homage to classic, grindhouse-style action flicks such as the Death Wish series, only in this case, a grizzled Charles Bronson has been replaced by a cast of characters that could only be born out of Miami's most unique subcultures. Dillard, who recently screened his last Miami-based film, Special Angelz, at the Borscht Film Fest, wanted to create a blood-and-guts-heavy shoot-’em-up that would pay tribute to the local art and music scenes. The film ramps up when mysterious Communist photographer Arthur Basel (Nastie) murders Ted Vernon's daughter. In his quest for revenge, Vernon enlists the help of detectives Rubberdoll and Phlem (Maximum Capacity), who tangle with synchronized swimming vampires, kooky art dealers, and crazed club heads in order to find the killer. This Wednesday’s screening will showcase the first 40 minutes of the campfest, plus an additional set of scenes from throughout the film. The screening is free; just show up at Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami. Visit
Wed., Jan. 21, 2009


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