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Like a 6-year-old dropping an f-bomb, the things that come out of Nikki Glaser's mouth are pretty shocking. The bits in her repertoire touch on some pretty sensitive topics -- rape, for example. And in a YouTube video titled "Lady Comic Slumber Party" featuring Glaser, Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, and Marina Franklin, Glaser confesses, in typical female sleep over fashion, that she once put mayonnaise on a dog's testicles and licked it off. Glaser, who got a smidgeon of fame from her two appearances on NBC's Last Comic Standing, doesn't exactly look like a dirty comic that makes light of her personal life. But give her a microphone, and she can't stop rattling off about her vagina and some of the lesser-known aspects of the "feminine mystique."
Sat., April 14, 8 p.m., 2012


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