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Girls Just Wanna Tote Guns

When one thinks of “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice,” girls toting assault rifles don’t pop into mind. But in this exhibit, featuring the work of a trio of lens slingers investigating the image of women in a media-saturated world, convention is damned. Tonight at 6:30 at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Gail Albert Halaban, Rachel Papo, and Colby Katz take their shots at the Israeli Army, “mommy and me” classes, and beauty pageants, flouting with verve the rules of fashion and advertising.

Papo’s pictures depict young Israeli female soldiers dealing with the banal realities of daily life during their mandatory two years of military service. Katz’s work focuses on toddlers whose mothers have entered them in moppet beauty contests, resulting in images as provocative as they are creepy. Halaban, in intriguing works that convey a sense of the intimacy of a family photo album, explores mothers bonding with their kids via a variety of games and social activities.
Fri., Jan. 26, 6:30 p.m.


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