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Girl with the Pearl Necklace

While looking at porn, have you ever paused and thought, "Gee, this image of a girl licking some dude’s rear is super hot, but I wish it was a bit more artistic?" Well, you’re in luck. “Erotic Signatures,” an annual traveling exhibit that showcases the very best in fleshy art, is opening at World Erotic Art Museum. Considered one of the largest lascivious-art competitions in the world, artists of all genres submit their most probing work to a jury of well-respected erotic professionals such as museum curators, academics, and Ron Jeremy (not really). The 60 most nipple-tingling pieces get to travel the country on display. This year’s selected artists include painter Jeffery Spicer, photographer Steven Richard, and master winner Jeff Wack, a well-known illustrator who’s behind many popular Anheuser-Busch, Bank of America, and Microsoft ads. What? Sex sells. See “Erotic Signatures” until February 27.
Sat., Jan. 15, 7 p.m., 2011


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