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Gift of the Magi

Just because Christmas and New Years Eve are behind us, it doesn’t signal the end of gift-receiving. Every January, Latino kids run to their closets or look under their beds in anticipation of gifts left by the Three Kings (and no, we don’t mean an NBA trophy from LeBron and company). For you heathens out there, the Three Kings, or Wise Men, or Magi as they are also known, are figures from the Bible who visited JC bearing presents after he was born. And for the past 40 years, they’ve also visited Little Havana in the annual Three Kings Parade. So the prospect of a Catholic-themed parade doesn’t do it for you? How about sultry vixens and dastardly villains of the type who populate Spanish-language telenovelas? Univision, this country’s Spanish-language media moguls, are sponsoring Sunday’s parade, and that means they’ll add a nice mix of tawdry sex appeal to any guilt-laden religious offerings. It’s fitting, then, that the grand marshals of this year’s parade are the cast of the network’s Eva Luna. Expect heaving chests and piercing looks from cast members as they float by along with marching bands, big balloons, and a cavalcade of other parade favorites. The parade starts at noon at SW Eighth Street and 4th Avenue and goes to 17th Avenue.
Sun., Jan. 9, noon, 2011


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