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Getting Off on Her Rocker

Let’s get one thing straight: There are sex museums in the world, but the World Erotic Art Museum is not one of them. Although it boasts many things that are shaped like penises, you are not supposed to use them as such. Look, but don’t touch.

But if you would like to get your hands on something from the museum, WEAM’s curator Naomi Wilzig has published five gorgeous books highlighting exemplary items in her collection. Tonight she is hosting a signing and slide show at Books & Books. Wilzig promises to tell all sorts of fun tales, including how she acquired the infamous (and humongous) penis-shape “Rocking Machine” from A Clockwork Orange and why she commissioned a reproduction of Catherine the Great’s “erotic chair,” which is covered in hand-carved images of 138 Kamasutra positions. Don’t get the wrong idea; it’s not that kind of chair. “People hear about an ‘erotic chair’ and they think it’s a chair with a phallus in the middle!” laughs Wilzig. How silly. Those chairs aren’t on display; they’re in the audience. Just kidding! Wilzig is quite a colorful character, so hilarity and high jinks will undoubtedly ensue. The event begins at 8:00, and admission is free. Adults only, please. Call 305-532-9336, or visit
Wed., July 26


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