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Get Your Sharpies Out

British DJ John B helped tear the lid off drum ’n’ bass in the mid- to late-Nineties. Within a year of his first rave, John adopted this rogue art form as his music of choice and soon got deep into the process of creating his own records. In 1997, his music caught the ear of Grooverider, one of his early heroes, who added John’s song “Secrets” to his Prototype Years compilation. Suddenly other legendary artists — including Ed Rush, Optical, Dillinja, and Matrix — were championing John’s music.

Judging by his latest work, we think this success drove him fucking insane. He’s become the Dr. Frankenstein of the genre, suturing 170 bpm to anything that moves, particularly trance, liquid funk, and Eighties-style synth-pop (his favorite movie is Teen Wolf). And live, dressed in Day-Glo, it seems he’s always on the make for American chicks. If you’re hot and you ask nicely, he’ll be more than happy to Sharpie “I’ve Been Stalking You on MySpace” (the title of his big-push current song) on your chest at Laundry Bar. The show begins at 11 p.m.; admission is free for those 21 and older with ID.
Fri., June 6, 2008


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