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Get On My Lawn

Games Miamians love: jai alai, sidewalk driving, sketchy-butt-implant roulette, and — particularly in April — golf. Once again, April is Miami Golf Month, a celebration of all things golf during which refusal to participate is punishable by mandatory presence at all Marlins home games. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to follow the rules, what with more than 20 local courses and resorts participating in special offers and events. Some of the hotels are offering discounts and extras even if you don’t play golf. Iron your crotchless khaki shorts and make like Tiger Woods by bringing a series of questionable conquests back to your hotel rooms scattered across the city. Don’t stress about how these ladies and/or gents look; the further under par you go, the better your score.
April 1-30, 2013


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