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Get Off on These Rockerz

Picture reggae music as something like a groovy, bass-heavy Russian nesting doll, comprising genre inside of similar genre. Rocksteady, roots, dub, and dancehall all share space within this term’s outermost shell. And then there was rockers, the Seventies subgenre also known as lovers’ rock. The name was derived from Augustus Pablo’s legendary Rockers Sound System, and the lyrics most often deal with matters of the heart. Feel the riddim at Rockerz Wednesday, a chillaxed old-school session hosted by Sankofa Sound and Firewood. Groove to Gregory Isaacs, Horace Andy, Junior Murvin, and Dennis Brown at Buck15. The artsy, retro-chic lounge above Miss Yip’s popular Chinese restaurant will be rocking tonight at 10:00. Call 954-608-5085, or visit
Wednesdays, 2006


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