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Get It Together

Miami Heat fans, it’s time we faced the truth: Our team is infuriating. There’s always a point during the regular season when it becomes a little too obvious that the main concern of our players is not overextending themselves. They play down to their competition, fall in love with their three-point shots, and forget how to play defense, as seen in their recent debacle of giving up 121 points to the Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks! The worst part is that we as fans suffer almost as much as the team. In the bottom of our hearts, we know this team could break the ’95-’96 Bulls record for wins in a season, yet for some reason they aren’t even leading the NBA in wins this season. Fortunately, as LeBron James stated in a recent interview, it’s moments like these that usually pull the Heat guys together to play championship ball. And we hope by the time Monday’s game against the Detroit Pistons rolls around, a different Heat team will be on the court.
Mon., Feb. 3, 7:30 p.m., 2014


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