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Adultnapper is the shadowy alter ego of Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Francis Harris, a philosophy PhD drop‐out, former political activist/hardcore punk rocker, and one of the darker iconoclastic figures of contemporary techno. For a man who once admitted to having originally hated dance music, Harris has emerged in the late 2000s as one of the most daring and compelling producers of the international dance scene.

Adultnapper's sound defies the conventions of EDM through challenging and sophisticated songcraft marked by complex arrangements, haunting melodies and deep moody atmospheres. In 2007 he established the Ransom Note imprint as a highly conceptual artistic platform, launching a series of releases with artwork following a sort of dystopic graphic novel narrative that imbues the Adultnapper persona with an even darker mystique.

He has also released on some of the top underground labels, including Audiomatique, Superfreq, Dirt Crew, and Nummer, garnering praise from even the great mainstream DJ tastemakers of the world, i.e. Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, and Laurent Garnier. Equally revered for his precision and command of the dancefloor as a DJ, Adultnapper's live sets are deep, pulsating emotional journeys that continue to conquer listeners around the world. You can catch Adultnapper live at Space for the very first time this Saturday night along with locals Dsan Powell and Maurizio & Danyelino.
Sat., June 20, 2009


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