Gastronomic Geography

When we think of Burgundy, France, we think Pinot Noir. When we think of Oregon, we think ... trail. As in The Oregon Trail, the DOS-friendly computer game that kept thumbs glued to keyboards throughout the Eighties via oxen-pulled sunsets over Chimney Rock, rapid rivers, and bountiful wild fruit. But when the staff at Grove Isle Hotel and Spa’s award-winning restaurant Baleen thought of Oregon -- the only region other than Burgundy with soil rich enough to grow the caliber of grape necessary to create a quality Pinot Noir -- they came up with On the Trail of Oregon Pinot NoirVine & Dine event.

Creatively stepping beyond the concept of red with meat and white with poultry, this exclusive night takes place every third Wednesday of the month and treats a maximum of 40 people to a truly memorable culinary experience. Tonight’s pour begins with chilled raspberry varieties and then accelerates into full-bodied classics from Joseph Drouhin’s winery. Each Pinot Noir is complemented by gourmet cuisine inspired by Oregon’s signature wine and natural bounty. Let’s hope we don’t get a heaping plate of salted buffalo, which Lewis and Clark ate on their way west. Call 305-857-5007 for reservations.
Wed., June 20

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