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Funny Man

When the mainstream was first introduced to Tracy Morgan in 1996, when he became a cast member on Saturday Night Live, a wee bit of his comedic allure was due to the fact that he had the belly of a woman in her third trimester. Yes, his delivery and flawless timing helped, but the way he used to rub his tummy like a crystal ball was hee-larious. So when Morgan flattened — somewhat — his spare tire, the world wondered, “Will slim be as funny?” The answer is hell yes. And a decade later, when he joined the cast of the super-funny 30 Rock, no one thought to doubt his funny skills.

Morgan’s out-of-control character, Tracy Jordan, blurs the lines between fiction and reality for the comedian. Despite his recent, totally unfunny drunk driving charges, Morgan still has folks rolling on their living room floors every Thursday night. We love 30 Rock so much, we want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant! And starting tonight until Saturday, May 12, Morgan will be bringing you to tears and laugh-induced stomachaches at the Miami Improv.
May 10-12


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